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Ziavras basic compiler techniques for exposing ilp

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Unformatted text preview: ce exception move DSUBU before branch without changing data flow (compiler SPECULATION) S. Ziavras Basic Compiler Techniques for Exposing ILP • Objective: Compiler technology to improve the performance of – Pipelines Pipelines – Simple multiple-issue processors • Applicable primarily to static-issue processors – Can also help processors with dynamic issue decisions & static scheduling • Basic idea idea – Extract sequences of unrelated instrs. that can be overlapped in pipeline or can be executed at the same time Pipeline: if there is a data dependence, separate the 2 instrs. by the appropriate # of cycles S. Ziavras Assumptions • • • • Standard 5-stage integer pipeline Branches have 1 clock cycle delay No structural hazards (pipelined or ∞ FUs) structural hazards or Latency of FP L to S: 0 (L result can be bypassed without stalling S) • Integer load latency: 1 • Integer ALU operation latency: 0 • Required distance between FP instrs. (avoid stalls): distance between FP instrs stalls Result producing instr. Inst...
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