Example for i1 i1000 ii1 xi xi yi loop

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Unformatted text preview: unrolling • Statically (compiler) • Dynamically (branch prediction by hardware) – Vector instrs. • Example: for (i=1; i<=1000; i=i+1) x[i]= x[i] + y[i]; » Loop iterations may overlap iterations may overlap » Little to no opportunity for overlap within a single iteration S. Ziavras Types of Data-Related Dependences • 3 types of dependence – Data dependence (often called true data dependences) – Name dependence • Anti-dependence • Output dependence – Control dependence S. Ziavras Data Dependence • Definition: Instr. j is data dependent on instr. i if – i produces a result that may be used by j, OR i: add r1, r2, r3; r1 (r2) + (r3) j: sub r4, r1, r5; r4 (r1) + (r5) – j is data dependent on instr. k, & k is data dependent on i • Chain of dependences: i k j (length varies) If 2 instructions are data dependent, they cannot instructions are data dependent, they cannot execute simultaneously or be completely overlapped S. Ziavras Data Dependence (2) • • • • Execu...
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