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Unformatted text preview: plexity Instruction Set Complexity Depends on: – Number of instructions – Instruction formats – Data formats – Addressing modes Addressing – General-purpose registers (GPRs: # & size) – Flow-control mechanisms (conditionals, exceptions) Some material is adapted from D. Culler & D. Patterson (UCB) S. Ziavras Application Considerations in ISA Design Application Considerations in ISA Design • Desktops: emphasis on performance with integer and floating-point (FP) data types. Little regard for Littl program size or power consumption. Graphics support (Yr. 2011 Intel & AMD units integrate GPU with CPU) ith • Servers: primarily used for databases, file mu servers, Web applications & multi-user timesharing. Performance on integers & character strings is important. However, FP instructions are virtually virtually in every server processor • Embedded systems: emphasis on low cost and power small code size. Some instruction types, such as FP may FP, may be optional to reduce chip costs (REALTIME AS WELL) Some material is adapted from D. Culler & D. Patterson (UCB) S. Ziavras RISC Vs. CISC • CISC: Complex Instruction Set Computer (VAX, IBM 380/370, 80x86) • RISC: Reduced Instruction Set Computer (GPPs: MIPS, P...
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