completion rate size of operands instr typically 6

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Unformatted text preview: ously in CPU ─ # of comparisons every clock: (max. completion rate)*(window size)*(# of operands/ instr.) completion rate) size) of operands/ instr ─ Typically: 6 * 80 * 2 = 960 • Current window sizes: 32-128 window sizes: 32 comparisons • 8600 HP PA 8600: may exceed 2000 exceed 2000 >7000 comparators co S. Ziavras Effect of Finite Registers • Ideal processor: eliminates all name dependences among reg. references using infinite set of physical regs. • In 2001, the Alpha 21264 provides the largest # of extended regs extended regs. – 41 integer & 41 F...
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