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Ziavras window group of instrs simultaneously in cpu s

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Unformatted text preview: teger FP Perfect prediction of branches, etc. Involves 6 of the SPEC92 benchmarks S. Ziavras Window: group of instrs. simultaneously in CPU S. Ziavras Effect of Window Size • Window: group of instrs. simultaneously in CPU • Start of window: earliest uncompleted instr. • Perfect branch predictionS. Ziavras Window Size & Max. Issue Count • # of comparisons to determine whether n issuing instrs. have any reg. dependences among them (assuming reg.reg. instrs. & unbounded # of regs.): 2-n 2* n 2(n-1) + 2(n-2) + … + 2 = n 2 • Window: set of instrs. simultaneously in CPU set of instrs. simultane...
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