9 commercial workload oltp online transaction

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Unformatted text preview: ntention) – Cache-to-cache transfer: 125 cycles These miss penalties are higher in today’s systems (superpipeling, etc.) 9 Commercial Workload • OLTP: OnLine Transaction Processing • Decision Support Systems(Database) • Search Engine ( 10 • Resource-based pipeline stalls dominate • Combined data for data for appl. & kernel accesses • Only OLTP has major kernel accesses (they behave better than appl.) th 11 Relative performance for OLTP * True sharing misses dominate with or MB L3 cache with 4 or 8 MB L3 cache •True/false sharing misses unchanged L3 12 MP Performance 4 Processor Commercial Workload: OLTP, Decision Support (Database) Search Engine Support (Database), Search Engine • Uniprocessor cache misses improve with cache size increase (Instruction, Capacity/Conflict, Compulsory) 3.25 3 Instruction Capacity/Conflict Cold False Sharing True Sharing Sharing 2.75 (Memory) Cycles per Instruction • True sharing and false sharing unchanged going from MB...
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