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5/12/2009 Gross I Lecture Exam 1 Review Topics 1. Axial vs. Appendicular Skeleton Scapular is part of which? appendicular 2. Which muscle helps elevate the scapula but cannot do it on its own? trapezius 3. Lesion of C5 ventral root, what (functional component(s)) do you lose? GSE only 4. Lesion of T1 GVE, what do you lose? sweat to face (Sweat glands somatic or visceral? Sympathetic or parasympathetic? Sympathetic causes hormone secretion & smooth muscle contraction) 5. Great Occipital nerve = cutaneous, sensory only (C2) 6. Suboccipital nerve = muscular/motor (C1), innervates muscles of Suboccipital Triangle 7. Spinal Accessory nerve = cutaneous 8. Prevertebral ganglia are where in relation to the spinal cord? anterior 9. Paravertebral ganglia = sympathetic 10. Which muscle insert on TP of C1? obliquus inferior 11. Which muscle originates where trapezius inserts? deltoid 12. The difference between gray and white rami communicante is that: WRC goes to the motor ganglia (pre-synaptic/pre-ganglionic whereas GRC is
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Gross_I_Lecture_Exam_1_Review_Topics[1] - Gross I Lecture...

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