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Class Notes - Class Notes What to do when an issue arises...

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Class Notes What to do when an issue arises Observation: Problem Theory: Why this problem exists Hypothesis: What should be done o Independent variables = things to do to bring about that result (behaviors, many) o Dependent variables = result Osama Bin Laden 1953—1979 anyone who was an Islamic fundamentalist had the Savah at their door and would be executed (got information from the U.S.) 1979 everything in context of the Cold War o Jimmy Carter went to Pakistan and India Pakistan had a nuke Banned trade with Pakistan until they destroyed the nuke o Hussein came to power Took over Iran because he saw the fragile state and spread Islamic fundamentalism Previous to this, Iran was America’s greatest ally, military trading partner Students took the American embassy in Iran Shah was overthrown this year and fled to the U.S. o Why did we support him? The Cold War! He hated the communists, was anti-terrorist, and could hold back the Middle Eastern Powers Jimmy Carter wouldn’t extradite him for the hostages in the embassy (52 of them) Reagan and Bush, unable to arm Afghanistan directly, sold weapons behind lines to Iran, and they sold them to Afghanistan o 1989 Iran and Iraq completely exhausted, Pakistan loyal to US, Soviet Union out of Afghanistan
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Osama Bin Laden protected the whole Middle East from Iran trying to Invade Kuwait wanted its money back from giving it to Iraq for protection and weapons, Saddam took over Kuwait because didn’t want to give the money
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Class Notes - Class Notes What to do when an issue arises...

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