Another strong point in aboxizs article is that it

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Unformatted text preview: rrari is trying to get across with his information. Overall, Abowitz provides an article that is easy for the audience to understand completely, making it easier to build up information to create a strong research paper, and Ferrari’s article tends to do the opposite. Another strong point in Aboxiz’s article is that it opens up the option for further research of similar and corresponding topics. In his article he talks about the positive influence more as a whole, and that there are several different factors that make Greek letter societies a positive influence on students. With each example 2 he gives to support his claim he provides more topics for a reader to expand on and perform more research. Unlike Abowitz’s ways Ferrari focuses on one main subject in his article. He focuses only on the Psi Chi Alumni who were in a National Honor Society, which is very specific. It is...
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