This is why i would like to perform an experiment to

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Unformatted text preview: d second, sleep is important because it plays a role in concentration, focus, and alertness” (The Importance of Sleep 1). All of these factors that sleep gives you are a very helpful when taking a test, but once these skills are weakened by a lack of sleep the ability to do well on a test is lowered as well. This is why I would like to perform an experiment to test the information that the article “The Importance of Sleep” and “The Impact of Sleepiness Levels on Academic Achievement for College Students”, and see if staying up late the night before a test studying helps or hurts the ability to take a test. For my experiment, it would be a two- day experiment, consisting of one day for the participants to memorize a packet of never before learned information on some made up information, and than the next day would be for the test to know how much knowledge was retained. One group, the controlled group would have the whole day to study the information, and than be required to go to bed by nine o’clock pm. The other group, the experimental group, would also get a day to study...
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