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Geology 116 May 12, 2009 Daily Class Summary Class Date: Summary of the most important concepts and information: Radiation surrounds all of us in many different ways, through rocks, bananas, and cell phones. Although it is very difficult to accumulate enough REMs a year to cause health problems from radiation, it is important to understand the different types of radiation. Radiation is energy emitted in different forms. In terms of medical geology, it is necessary to understand that the health hazards may come from alpha, gamma, beta, and x-rays. These kinds of rays are ionizing radiation, which means that they have enough energy to knock electrons out of atoms that then become unstable, and thus provoke cells to reproduce irregularly (cancer). Alpha rays are dangerous from a short distance, but have such large mass that they are a danger if inhaled, but are mostly stopped by the skin. Beta rays can be protected against with a
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Unformatted text preview: simple layer of clothing and have a small mass with variable energy. Gamma rays are the most dangerous, and can many times be stopped only with feet of concrete. These different types of radiation are a risk to humans but can be avoided with decreased time of exposure, increased distance, and shielding. Radiation comes from cosmic rays, food, radon, the earth, building materials, and many more sources. The objective of the field trip was to detect radiation in different rocks scattered nearby Hamilton College. We came to the conclusion that metamorphic and igneous rocks tend to be radiated. Here are some values of radiation found in different rocks: Limestone rock at skyline: .02-.03 milliREMs Glacial erratic (metamorphic): .1-.15 milli REMs Glacial tile at windfarm: .05 milliREMs Ford Hollow dolostone: .01 milli REMs Geology 116 Forensic & Medical Geology May 12, 2009...
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ClassSummaryFormA - simple layer of clothing and have a...

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