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Why we fight

Why we fight - Brian Rios Brian Ros Prof Corrin Prof...

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Brian Rios Page 1 5/12/2009 Brian Ríos Prof. Corrin Prof. McKnight HU 202/ SS 202 March 19, 2008 Team X Is the Iraq War a Just War , or Just a War? “Why we fight?” is a question with no clear and simple answer. At first we were led to believe that we were fighting in order to disarm Iraq , and stop their ruthless leader Saddam Hussein . But, as it turns out Iraq had no weapons of mass destruction. This current war is not the “war against terrorism,” it is an unjust war that is in the interests of those in command . The readings “Just War Theory,” by Douglas F. Lackey, and “No End of Lesson: And the Nature of Moral Choice in Foreign Policy ,” by David Armstrong , reflect on whether a war is just or not. Using these two readings one can determine that the Iraq War was an unjust war and that the reason for taking action was wrong . The United States’ foreign policy historically has been one of intervention and action . The current Bush administration is no exception, however instead of fighting Communism or Nazism , we are fighting “Terrorism.” The events of September 11, 2001 , gave us a reason to fight, however we never found Osama Bin Laden, instead we focused our efforts on an enemy not involved in 9/11 , and that was Iraq and Saddam Hussein . One of the many criticism of this policy is that the President George W. Bush abandoned his campaign promise of no nation building . During his campaign Bush
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Brian Rios Page 2 5/12/2009 criticized this notion , yet during his two terms in office he has used it in regards to Iraq. The Just War Theory is divided into two criteria jus ad bellum , and jus in bello . Jus ad bellum are the rules that govern the justification of war , while jus in bello are the rules that govern just conduct in war . If one were to go down a list of the principles Jus Ad Bellum one can determine that the Iraq War is an unjust war . The first principle of Jus Ad Bellum is that war most be waged by a competent authority . I do believe the United States has a system where a competent authority can be in power , and make the right decisions. However, I do believe that the current Bush Administration is not a competent authority , and have not made the right decisions for this nation , biggest mistake being this Iraq War. The Second principle is that “the use of fore must be directed to an identifiable political result .” This would go against the idea of a “War against terrorism,” because there is no such type of war , because the enemy is not a concrete one, the enemy is the idea of terrorism . The Third principle is that a war should be fought for the right intentions
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Why we fight - Brian Rios Brian Ros Prof Corrin Prof...

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