8 replication 5 dna polymerase the replicating enzyme

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Unformatted text preview: ’ DNA POLYMERASE: the replicating enzyme replication fork enzyme unwinding DNAP Helicase 3’ 5’ DNAP 3’ runs along while replicating Fig 7.6 Replication 5’ Template DNA New DNA lagging strand 3’ DNA can only be 5' to 3' so that why it lags has to wait for loop of old DNA DNAP Helicase 5’ leading strand 3’ 3’ 5’ DNAP 3’ Fig 7.6 Origin “oriC” Replication initiation ORIGIN is a specific DNA sequence at which… replication begins "oriC" Terminus “terC” The TERMINUS is a DNA region at which each replication fork… ends during replication Fig 7.7 Origin “oriC” Replication initiation DNA POLYMERASE and HELICASE bind to the DNA at oriC and… begin replication there will be 2 replication fork Terminus “terC” DNA Polymerase Elongation oriC Replication is BIDIRECTIONAL oriC Two complexes of DNA polymerase set off in opposite directions theta replication terC Elongation oriC Continues… terC oriC oriC Replication termination DNA polyermase stops at… terC STOP oriC Separation Each new copy resides in its own new daughter cell terC terC RNA synthesis (Transcription) Replication making RNA ^^^ Translation Transcription RNA Protein Messages Products DNA Genes RNA polymerase DNA sends messages to ribosomes This mRNA message is made by RNA polymerase Promoters (DNA sequences) control transcription are made of DNA RNA polymerase The CORE is responsible for… the assembling of RNA σ Core SIGMA (σ) finds promoters on the DNA strands where...
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