Ribosome slides three nucleutides down the mrna

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Unformatted text preview: ion elongation Activated tRNAs 5’ mRNA template 3’ 4. Ribosome slides three nucleutides down the mRNA. Translation elongation Activated tRNAs form another bond 5’ mRNA template 3’ 5. New activated tRNA arrives and ribosome forms another peptide bond. Cycle repeats Translation elongation “___ N” 5’ mRNA template “C” ----- 3’ 6. Protein is synthesized from N-terminus to C-terminus as the cycle repeats Translation termination “N” 5’ mRNA template “C” uga 3’ stop codon 7. A mRNA sequence called a STOP CODON terminates protein synthesis Translation termination “N” 5’ 8. mRNA template The protein is released The ribosome disassembles “C” uga 3’ Translation start site The message starts 6-9 bases in the 3’ direction of the SHINE________ DALGARNO SEQUENCE _____________________________ Met uac mRNA 5’ ggagg aug cgg uac uua 3’ 6-9 bases The start site is a CODON: AUG The first amino acid is always a… methionine (met) Fig 7.18 Codons A CODON is a series of three nucleotides Met Specifies a particular amino acids by… uac mRNA 5’ A start codon sets the “frame” which determines all subsequent codons ggagg aug cgg uac uua 3’ Codons mRNA 5’ Key - tRNA- anticodon -mRNA- codon ggagg Met Arg uac After each peptide bond is formed, the ribosome slides 3 bases down the mR...
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