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Codon which amino acid would be found on trna with

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Unformatted text preview: NA strand gcc aug cgg <-- anticodon uac uua 3’ --codon The genetic code amino A. codon--which amino acid would be found on tRNA with the anticodon CAU? Valine Fig 7.12 Genetic transfer Requires two cells DNA Transformation TRANSFORMATION: Cells die and release genetic material Conjugation CONJUGATION: direct transfer of DNA from one cell to another Recipient Recipient Pilus retracts Donor Donor genetic transfer Fig 7.35 Basic plasmid Plasmids carry at least two genes: PILUS TRA PROTEIN for DNA transfer And their own origin of replication (oriT) Fig 7.35 Pilus and mating Pilus extends Binds to the surface of recipient Pilus retracts Brings cells into contact Plasmid transfer Plasmid is replicated beginning at its oriT F+ F- Tra protein Recipient gains a copy of the plasmid F+ F+ How can Tumors (Galls) save lives? Agrobacterium tumefaciens Bacterium Plant pathogen that causes crown-gall disease A. tumefaciens Plant root hair Agrobacterium tumefaciens Transfers a Ti PLASMID to plants by conjugation In addition to the basic plasmid genes the Ti...
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