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What are two ways to regulate body temperature by

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Unformatted text preview: cal processes are used to transfer the panther’s excess internal heat into the surrounding environment? In general, which process releases the greatest amount of heat? 11. Countercurrent heat exchangers are another type of circulatory adaption that some animals use to prevent excessive heat loss when an animal inhabits a cool environment. Describe the countercurrent heat exchanger found in the leg of a Canada goose. 12. When is evaporative cooling the only mean of cooling the body? Describe two situations where an animal alters its behavior to help it regulates its body temperature. 13. What are two ways to regulate body temperature by adjusting metabolic heat production? How do these two processes differ? 14. How is heat generated through non ­shivering thermogenesis in the mitochondria of brown fat cells? What hormone is...
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