Chapter 41

Involuntary hunger example subsaharan africa where 200

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Unformatted text preview: ood pressure Malnutri3on: failure to obtain adequate nutrition- two causes 1. Undernutri3on: result of a diet that consistently supplies less chemical energy than the body requires Body uses up stored fat and carbohydrates Body breaks down its own proteins for fuel – muscles decrease, brain becomes protein deficient * if not corrected, individual will die If individual survives a prolonged period of undernourishment, some organ damage is irreversible 1. Involuntary Hunger: Example: Sub ­Saharan Africa where 200 million children and adults cannot obtain enough food due to wars, droughts, and diseases 2. Voluntary Hunger: Occurs in well feed popula_ons Example: eating disorders such as anorexia nervosa 2.  Deficiencies in Essen3al Nutrients : long term absence from the diet of one or more essential nutrient Can cause: Deformi_es, disease, and death Example: Popula_ons living on simple rice diets are frequently deficient in Vitamin A Vitamin A deficiency causes: * blindness Death (kills 1 ­2 million people a year) Poten&al Solu&ons: Normal Golden Rice h3p:// Golden ­Rice: Gene_cally engineered rice designed to synthesize beta ­carotene  ­ a source of vitamin A –...
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