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Stomach diges3on in the stomach bolus sphincter three

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Unformatted text preview: 2.  Buffers: neutralize acids and protects teeth 3. An&bacterial agents: Lysozymes that destroy microorganisms that enter the mouth with food Tongue: Evaluates ingested material and process it for swallowing Bolus: Ball of chewed food shaped by the tongue EpigloKs up Bolus EpigloKs up EpigloKs down GloKs Esophageal sphincter Lung Larynx up Larynx down Esophageal sphincter Esophageal sphincter Stomach When not swallowing Esophageal sphincter muscle is contracted Epigloas is up and gloas is open When bolus reaches pharynx Swallowing reflex is triggered * Esophageal sphincter relaxes allowing bolus to enter the esophagus AFer bolus enters esophagus * Peristalsis moves bolus down the esophagus and towards the stomach Diges3on in the Stomach: Bolus sphincter Three types of cells: Mucus cells: Chief cells: Secrete pepsinogen, an inac_ve Gastric Gland form of pepsin. Pepsin Mucus + and Cl ­ Parietal cells: Secrete H cell Forms HCl in lumen of stomach * Chyme Pepsinogen HCl Pepsin Chief cell Cl ­ H+ Parietal cell Are the epithelial cells that line the stomach vulnerable to aci...
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