Chapter 9

2 atp 2 fadh2 x 15 3 atp 5 atp however in the brain

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Unformatted text preview: the proton motive force? What enzyme is activated by the flow of electrons down this proton motive force? 21. How much ATP is generated from the complete oxidation of 1 glucose molecule in the brain? Use the following table to answer this questions. In your calculations, assume 1 molecule of NADH generates 2.5 ATP and 1 molecule of FADH2 generates 1.5 ATP. I have completed the table for glycolysis. ATP generated by ATP generated by Total ATP for Substrate level NADH FADH2 chemiosmosis of metabolic Phosphorylation electron carrier stage (net gain) 2 NADH molecules are generated in Glycolysis the cytoplasm during glycolysis. 2 ATP 2 FADH2 x 1.5 = 3 ATP 5 ATP However in the brain, The electrons held by 2 NADH molecules are shuttled to 2 FADH2 molecules at the mitochondrial membrane. Pyruvate to Acyl COA Citric Acid Cycle Total 22. If the complete oxidation of glucose took place in the liver, how much ATP would be generated? Why is there a difference in t...
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