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Plasma membrane bacterial chromosome two copies of the

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Unformatted text preview: cytoplasm is usually well underway by late telophase •  Daughter cells appear shortly aKer the end of mitosis Cleavage of an animal cell: Cleavage furrow Contrac+le ring of microfilaments Daughter Cells Ac+n microfilaments interact with myosin molecules causing the ring to contract Cleavage furrow deepens un+l the parent cell is pinched in two Generates two completely separate cells (Daughter cells) * Binary Fission: Asexual reproducAon Amoeba and bacteria reproduce this way In bacteria most genes are on a single chromosome that consists of circular DNA and associated proteins •  Chromosome replica+on begins Cell Wall Origin of Replica+on Plasma membrane Bacterial Chromosome Two copies of the origin •  Origin of replica+on copied •  One copy of the origin moves towards the other end of cell •  Replica+on con+nues •  Cell elongates •  •  Two daughter cells result Origin Origin EukaryoAc Cell Cycle: In Mature Humans: Skin cells divide frequently Human liver cells can divide but will do so only when a need arises (e.g. to repair a wound) Muscle and nerve cells: Cancer cells divide: Skin Cell Liver Cell Nerve Cell Ovarian Cancer Tumor What controls the cell cycle? Cell Cycle Control System: Cyclically opera+ng set of molecules in the cell that triggers and coordinat...
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