Chapter 10 lecture notes

Cells that are growing and maturing it is the main

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Unformatted text preview: e most abundant protein in chloroplast and on earth. Functions to catalyze the first step of the Calvin Cycle- very inefficient enzyme Phase 2 – Reduc0on: requires six ATP and six NADPH Very unstable oxidized reduced Only 1 molecule out of 6 molecules exits Glyceraldehyde ­3 ­phosphate Phase 2 Phase 3 – Regenera0on of RuBP: A complex series of reac>ons where of five 3C molecules of G3P is rearranged to three 5C molecules of RuBP Requires 3 more molecules of ATP 5C Phase 3 5 molecules recycled oxidized reduced How much chemical energy is needed to make one molecule of G3P? 9 ATP and 6 NADPH Only 1 molecule out of 6 exits Glyceraldehyde ­3 ­phosphate Photosynthesis: A review Light ReacBons: •  Ca...
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