Chapter 10 lecture notes

Reaction two stages of photosynthesis 1 light reacons

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Unformatted text preview: Key Points: •  Atoms are shuffled during photosynthesis •  hydrogen is extracted from water and incorporated into sugar •  Oxygen is a waste product that is released into the atmosphere Photosynthesis is the reverse of cellular respiraBon •  Water is split and the electrons (e ­) are transferred along with H+ from water to carbon dioxide, reducing it to sugar electrons increase in potential energy as they move from water to sugar~ requires energyendergonic reaction Two stages of photosynthesis: 1.  Light Reac>ons – photo part – converts solar energy into chemical energy 2.  Calvin Cycle  ­ synthesis part – incorporates CO2 into organic molecules which are converted to sugar Solar energy Occurs in stoma Photophosphoryla>on: l ight reaction that generates ATP The nature of sunlight Travels in electromagne>c waves Wavelength Crest (ridge) Amplitude Electromagne>c energy: light energy Wavelength is the distance between crests ElectromagneBc spectrum: en>re range of radia>on Trough Key Point: •  Visible light is most important for life •  It is the radia&g...
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