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Chapter 4 study guide

How is this drug thought to cause phocomelia 7 the

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Unformatted text preview: rs is found in the drug thalidomide? Which isomer is teratogenic? What is a teratogen? Phocomelia is a congenital defect associated with thalidomide exposure during gestation. When during gestation is this drug most dangerous? How is this drug thought to cause phocomelia? 7. The steroids estradiol and testosterone look very similar. What do these two molecules have in common? How do these two molecules differ structurally? How do these two molecules differ biologically? 8. Complete the following table: Functional Group Draw the chemical Name of compound(s) containing the functional group structure (see p 64 ­65 of Biology) Hydroxyl Ketones – when carbonyl is within carbon skeleton Aldehydes – when carbonyl is at the end of the carbon skeleton Carboxylic acids – release H+ Amino Thiols Organic Phosphates Methyl 9. What are the products of the reaction of ATP and water? Why is this reaction important for life?...
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