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Chapter 4 lecture notes

Yes one important in male gametes the other in the

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Unformatted text preview: thalid2.jpg DisAncAve properAes of an organic molecule: depends not only on its carbon skeleton but also on the molecular components attached to it methyl 3 10 Hydroxyl Carbonyl Both steroids have a common “steroid nucleus” but differ in the chemical groups that are a"ached to the nucleus Do these two steroid molecules have different funcAons? Yes, one important in male gametes the other in the formation of female Key point: the arrangement of molecule gametes has great effects on biological effects of molecule must memorize The seven chemical groups that are most important in the chemistry of life: Hydroxyl Carbonyl Ketone  ­ Acetone Aldehyde  ­ Propanal Ethanol hydrophilic hydrophilic SulRydryl Cysteine hydrophilic Carboxyl AceTc acid coo- Carboxyl groups: Donate H+, act as acids hydrophilic Phosphate Glycerol phosphate hydrophilic Amine Glycine Anime groups: Accept H+, act as bases Methyl hydrophilic 5 ­Methyl cyTdine hydrophobic Not reacTve Acts as a “tag” on biological molecules Adenosine triphosphate (ATP): ATP consists of an organic molecule called adenosine a"ached to a string of three phosphate groups Stores a huge amount of potenTal energy to react with water H2O ATP Inorganic Phosphate What is the significance of the energy produced by this reacAon? ADP...
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