Chapter 4 lecture notes

Enanaomers sold as a mixture or both enantomers s 100x

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Unformatted text preview: ngements about a double bond EnanKomers Isomers that are mirror images of each other * enantiomers have an asymmetric carbon Asymmetric carbon: When the C is bound to 4 different atoms or groups of atoms The pharmacological importance of enanAomers Sold as a mixture or both enanTomers * S 100x more effective Only R is sold. * S counteracts effects of R Thalidomide: Drug used in the 1950’s to treat morning sickness. Composed of two enaTomers R(+) enanTomer has a sedaTve effect S( ­): highly teratogenic (birth defects) R(+) is converted to S( ­) in the body h"p:// 2007/06/thalidomide.png Serious Consequences: exposure of this drug inhibited the formation of new blood vessels in the limbs of a developing embryo Phocomelia 28 days 35 days Thalidomide Exposure (Between Day 39 – 41 of gestaTon) 42 days h"p://
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