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47 inches of rain fell in bloomington how does this

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Unformatted text preview: r B has a total volume of 2 liters of water. Which beaker contains water with the greatest amount of heat? can't be measured directly (such as with thermomoter), depends on volume, total kinetic energy /B 9. Identify the dependent and independent variables in the following graph. in:month dep:rainfall During July of 2012, only 0.47 inches of rain fell in Bloomington. How does this rainfall compare with the average rainfall in July? Calculate the % 3.13 more in change. 10. I grew up in Wheaton IL, an inland western suburb of Chicago. The expression, “cooler by the lake” was frequently used to describe weather trends in the metropolitan area. On any given day in July, why is the land temperature usually cooler at Navy Pier than it is in Wheaton? water absorbs heat from surroundings cooling it off. 11. Why does sweating help cool the skin? Why is a steam burn so dangerous? heat used in evaporation is taken away from skin cooling. steam burn- heat transferred to skin 12. What is the difference between a hydrophilic substance and a hydrophobic substance? hydrophilic-loves water hydrophobic-hates water Complete the following table: Substance C...
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