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Make sure to show the partial negative and the

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Unformatted text preview: is less so positive. 4. Using space ­filling models, draw a water molecule forming hydrogen bonds with four other water molecules? Use doted lines to indicate hydrogen bonds. Make sure to show the partial negative and the partial positive charges that are critical for the formation of the hydrogen bonds. Mark which bonds are hydrogen bonds and which bonds are polar covalent bonds. DG-2 question 10 5. What is unique about the hydrogen bonds present in liquid water? 6. Hydrogen bonding between water molecules creates a structural organization that leads to the four emergent properties of water. What are these four properties? adhesion/cohesion, regulation of temperature, expand when frozen, solvent 7. In terms of a water molecule, what is the difference between cohesion and adhesion? Use water droplets forming on a spider web to help explain these properties of water. Water that is bonding together-adhesion water bonding to spider web-cohesion 8. Cite at least two ways that heat differs from temperature. Beaker A and Beaker B are both filled to capacity with boiling water. Beaker A has a total volume of 500 ml while Beake...
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