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Bio- chapter 3 study guide

The atomic masses in daltons are approximately 12 for

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Unformatted text preview: an this substance easily form hydrogen bonds with water? NaCl  ­ an ionic compound (Na+Cl ­) Fructose  ­ a molecule with many O ­H bonds Olive Oil  ­ molecule with many C ­H bonds yes Is this substance hydrophilic or hydrophobic? yes no hydrophillic hydrophillic hydrophobic What is a hydration shell? where water completely surrounds a molecule dissolving it 13. What is a solution? How would you make 2 liters of a 0.25 M aqueous solution of fructose (C6H12O6)? The atomic masses, in daltons, are approximately 12 for carbon, 1 for hydrogen, and 16 for oxygen. Identify the solvent and solute in this solution. 14. Use the information in figure 3.10 (9th edition) or 3.9 (8th edition) to complete the following table: Aqueous Solution Seawater Lemon Juice Urine Household Bleach +  ­ pH [H ] [OH ] Acid, Base, or Neutral 15. How much more acidic is the gastric juices of the stomach lumen compared to the cytosol of parietal cells found in the villus of the stom...
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