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Bio 112- chapter 3 lecture notes

1 cohesive behavior bond together 2 2 ability to

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Unformatted text preview: pair of electrons that can be used to bond with two more hydrogens. and hydrogen can bond with another oxygen because of its positive charde When water is in a liquid form, its hydrogen bonds are: Fragile: 1/20th the strength of a covalent bond Short lived: form/ break/ reform frequently with different water molecules Water’s unique ability to form hydrogen bonds leads to four emergent proper<es of water 1.  1. Cohesive behavior bond together 2.  2. Ability to moderate temperature 3.  3. Expansion upon freezing 4.  4. VersaTlity as a solvent -polar Why are these emergent proper<es important? makes earth suitable for life 1.  Water is cohesive: hydrogen bonding holds water molecules together Cohesion: the “clinging” of one substance to itself EvaporaPon of water H2O to H2O Adhesion: the “clinging” of one substance to another substance Water conducPng channels (Xylem) H2O to other polar molecules aaached to the water channel Water in soil --water's cohesive and adhesive allows water to move up against gravity Key Point: water is able to move up the xylem because as one water evaporates from the stoma another one joins at the bottom as the rest are pulled upwards Water moderates temperature: 2. Heat:...
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