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Bio 112- chapter 3 lecture notes

Key points 1 water is stable as a liquid 2 waters

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Unformatted text preview: gas at its boiling point Water Vapor Temperature Gas Liquid water Ice Liquid Key Point: heat is needed to break hydrogen bonds Solid Heat Added Heat of Fusion: amount of heat needed to convert specific quanPty of solid to a liquid at its melPng point Copyright © Wisc-Online 1999-2010 Water vs. another liquid molecule Heat of Fusion Solid to liquid Water ~ -80cal/g Ethyl Alcohol ~ -25 cal/g (Rubbing Alcohol) Heat of VaporizaTon Liquid to gas ~ -540 cal/g ~ -204cal/g What does this data suggest? Compared to ethyl alcohol (and most liquids), water requires a huge amount to energy to convert its solid state to its liquid state (Heat of Fusion) and its liquid state to its gas state (Heat of VaporizaPon). Key Points: 1. water is stable as a liquid 2. Water’s high heat of fusion and high heat of vaporizaPon minimizes temperature fluctuaPons to within limits that permit life Water’s High Heat...
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