Bio 112- chapter 3 lecture notes

A constant for a neutral aqueous solupon h is

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Unformatted text preview: ker, gradually add water un6l * transfer to graduated cylinder the glucose is completely dissolved how to make solution on test Acid and basic condi<ons affect living organisms: Villus Example: lumen of the stomach is highly acidic pH ~2 * acidity functions to denature proteins HCl H+ C l- and kill microorganisms Parietal cell: Inside cell pH ~7 Concepts associated with acids and bases Hydronium ion H3O+ Hydroxide ion OH ­ Gained a proton 2 H2O Lost a proton General referred to as (----H+) At equilibrium, 1 out of 554,000,000 water molecules is dissociated ConcentraPon of H+ and OH ­ in pure water: 10 ­7 M each at 25° C * free H+ and OH- ions are really rare yet biologically important Changes in concentraPons of H+ and OH– can drasPcally affect the chemistry of a cell Concentra<ons of H+ and OH– are equal in pure water Adding acids and bases will modify the concentraPons of H+ and OH– of a soluPon...
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