Bio 112- chapter 3 lecture notes

Jpg specic heat amount of heat absorbed or lost when

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Unformatted text preview: hap:// What is the independent variable? month -variable that stands alone What is the dependent variable? temperature -dependent on independent variable What are the two data sets? - air temperature over land (green) and lake temperature (blue) 2. Water moderates temperature: Southern Lake Michigan region Water releases stored heat to air that is cooler Air Temp Over Land Lake Temp hap:// * water absorbs heat from air that is warmer hap:// %20Dunes.jpg Specific Heat: amount of heat absorbed or lost when 1 g of a substance changes its temperature by 1 °C * water has a high specific heat of (1cal/g/C) Physical Proper<es of Water Heat of VaporizaTon: amount of heat needed to convert a specific quanPty of the liquid to...
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