Bio 112- chapter 3 lecture notes

Nitrogen is ammonia a polar or nonpolar molecule

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Unformatted text preview: n (C) has an electronegaPvity of ~2.5 Electronega<vity: Tug ­of War Analogy Ammonia (NH3) Covalent bond N = 3.0 Shared Electrons H = 2.1 * 1SX8ANhVuYY/s1600/tug-o-war.jpg Which atom wins? nitrogen Is ammonia a polar or nonpolar molecule? polar Covalent double bond Molecular Oxygen (O2) O O Is there a winner in this tug ­a ­war? no Is molecular oxygen a polar or nonpolar molecule? pnonpolar olar O = 3.5 Shared Electrons O = 3.5 Easy way to differen<ate between polar vs. nonpolar molecules Water Ammonia δ ­ δ+ amine Molecular oxygen Methane Polar Molecules Contain many polar covalent bonds * frequently asymetrical Contain parPal posiPve (δ+) and parPal negaPve (δ ­) charges * polar bears don't share equally Nonpolar Molecules Contain many nonpolar covalent bonds * frequently symmetrically Have liale of no parPal charge methyl Polarity enables one water molecule to form hydrogen bonds with four other water molecules H H O δ ­ * δ+ δ+ H δ ­ δ+ H O δ+ δ ­ δ+ δ ­ δ+ δ ­ δ ­ Why four water molecules? oxygen has two lone...
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