Bio 112- chapter 3 lecture notes

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Unformatted text preview: it important that ice floats? -no life could live below 4. Water is the solvent of life 4. Water is the Solvent of Life •  •  •  •  A soluTon is a liquid that is a homogeneous mixture of substances A solvent is the dissolving agent of a soluPon The solute is the substance that is dissolved An aqueous soluTon is one in which water is the solvent Normal saline is used to treat dehydraPon SoluTon: ex-saline // liquid that is homogeneous mixture of two or more substances Solvent: Dissolving agent of a soluPon (water) Solute: Substance that is dissolved (NaCl) Aqueous soluTon: a solution in which water is the solvent The polarity of water makes it a versa<le solvent because it forms hydrogen bonds easily HydraTon Shell: sphere of water molecules that surrounds solutes when they are dissolved in water Glucose Polar covalent bond Hydrogen bond Glucose NaCl Na+ and Cl ­ Water can also dissolve compounds made of nonionic polar molecules...
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