Diagram the processes what role did end users play in

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Unformatted text preview: ctive Session: People Dorfman Pacific Rolls Out a New Wireless Warehouse • Read the Interactive Session and then discuss the following questions: • Compare Dorfman Pacific’s old and new order-picking processes. Diagram the processes. • What role did end users play in developing Dorfman’s wireless warehouse system? What would have happened to the project if users hadn’t been so involved? Explain your answer. • What types of system-building methods and tools did Dorfman use for building its wireless warehouse system? • How did the new system change the way Dorfman ran its business? • What problems did the new system solve? Was it successful? 11.33 Essentials of Business Information Systems Chapter 11 Building Information Systems Understanding the Business Value of Systems and Managing Change Interactive Session: Organizations What Went Wrong with Maine’s New Medicaid System? • Read the Interactive Session and then discuss the following questions: • How important are information systems for Maine’s Department of Human Services? Analyze the impact of its faulty Medicaid claims processing system. • Evaluate the risks of the Medicaid claims processing system project and key risk factors. • Classify and describe the problems the Maine Department of Human Services faced in implementing its new Medicaid claims processing system. What people, organization, and technology factors caused these problems? • Describe the steps you would have taken to control the risk in the Maine Medicaid project. If you were in charge of managing this project, what else would you have done differently to increase chances for success? 11.34...
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