1 are you a united states citizen yes no 2 are you an

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Unformatted text preview: ited States citizen? YES NO 2. Are you an alien authorized to work in the United States? YES NO N/A 4. Have you ever been convicted of a felony? YES NO If YES, attach an explanation. 3. Have you ever been dismissed from any State of Georgia government position? YES NO If YES, attach an explanation. TYPE OF WORK: JOB TITLE/CODE AND POSITION NUMBER REQUIRED. Job information and/or position number is available at GDCJobs.com Job Title EDUCATION: High School Graduate or Equivalent (GED)? Yes No Job Code Facility/Office Vocational/Business School: No. of Months: CREDIT RECEIVED PLEASE LIST EXACT COLLEGE HOURS : COLLEGES/UNIVERSITIES Qtr Hrs CITY and STATE LANGUAGE SKILLS: Check any which apply to you. Sem Hrs Position Number Field of Study: Completed: Yes Date: (Mo/Yr) TYPE OF DEGREE FIELD/AREA OF CONCENTRATION Major Hrs Multilingual (Specify languages) Minor Hrs (BA/BS/ MA/PhD) No DATE DEGREE COMPLETED (Mo./Yr.) Sign Language GEORGIA LICENSES AND CE...
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