Describe in detail the specific duties beginning with

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Unformatted text preview: your primary duties. If you need more space, print out the supplemental work history page and attach to the application. Failure to give complete and detailed information regarding each job held may result in your disqualification from employment consideration. You may submit a resume to document your work background. However, if the resume does not contain all the information requested in the Work History section, please fill in that information on the application. Current or Last Employer: Your Job Title: Address From (mo/yr) City State Zip Code Your Supervisor’s Name and Title Reason for Leaving To (mo/yr) Check all that apply: Volunteer Intern Paid May We Contact Employer? YES NO # and types of employees you supervised: Hours per Week: Annual Salary Your Supervisor’s Phone Number ( ) Describe in detail your job duties. Related Computer Skills: Employer: Your Job Title: Address...
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