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Unformatted text preview: r’s Phone Number ( ) Describe in detail your job duties. Related Computer Skills : 3 Send completed applications to the contact listed in each vacancy announcement VETERAN’S PREFERENCE: The laws of the State of Georgia require that points be added to passing examination scores for certain veterans and combat troops of the Armed Forces of the United States. The following types of preference are currently granted. If you want to apply for Veteran’s Preference, check the type below and attach copies of the appropriate document(s) to your application. Copies cannot be returned. (SPB 16.102) VETERAN: DD214 showing dates of service and type of discharge DECEASED VETERAN’S SPOUSE: DD214; marriage certificate; veteran’s death certificate or casualty report DISABLED VETERAN: DD214; certificate of service-connected disability (at least 10%) from the V.A. dated within the last 6 months How You Heard About The Job: Newspaper C...
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