Lecture 5- photosynthesis

Bthey change an endergonic reaction to an exergonic

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Unformatted text preview: er 22 - thylakoid membrane- stacked granum - stacked for more surface area - diff plants have different amounts of thylakoids - stroma- liquid part- find ribosomes and DNA in stroma Fig. 7.3 - tb: in photosynthetic eukaryotes, both light reactions and calvin cycle take place within the chloroplast, a membranebound organelle that is formed from three membranes that define three distinct compartments - An outer membrane: covers the entire surface of the organelle - inner membrane: lies just outside the outer membrane - intermembrane compartment: in-between the outer and inner membranes - stroma: aqueous environment within the inner membrane - thylakoid membranes/ thylakoids: flattened closed sacs - thylakoid lumenL space enclosed by thylakoid -within thylakoid there are components that carry out light reactions (proteins, pigments, ATP synthase, electron transfer carriers) - enzymes that catalyze reactions of the calvin cycle a...
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