Lecture 5- photosynthesis

Representtosourceoforganic moleculesforconsumers 7

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Unformatted text preview: ot;Heterotrophs:"can't"make"own"energy"2x Life is Solar Powered • Self feeding • Don’t eat other organisms as energy source • Light is energy source • Photoautotroph • Eat other organisms as food source 20-Jan-13 Gardiner 1202B Heterotrophic BIOLOGY Autotrophic !"autotroph:"photosynthetic"organism,"make"all"of"their" molecules"from"carbon"dioxide" !"use"light"energy"to"synthesize"organic"molecules,"thus" are"classi<ied"as"photoautotrophs"(known"as"earths" primary"producers!"represent"to"source"of"organic" molecules"for"consumers) 7 Photosynthesis Gardiner 1202B 20-Jan-13 BIOLOGY • 1648 – van Helmont – grew 5lb. willow until it was 200 lb. –but soil in pot only lost 2 oz. – concluded weight came from water • 1772 – Joseph Priestley – noted that if plant was in a container where oxygen was depleted by candle or animal it would be replenished • 1778 – Ingen-Housz showed Priestley’s result only occurred if plant was illuminated 8 !"top"right:"algae!"carries"out"photosynthesis" 3 !"light"is"absorbed"by"green"pigments"(chlorophylls)"and" Pigments BIOLOGY • Eukaryotes • May broaden the spectrum of colours that drives photosynthesis or may serve as photoprotection for excess light 20-Jan-13 Gardiner 1202B – Plants, algae – Chlorophylls (green) a, b, c, d – Carotenoids – carotene (red), xanthophylls orange / yellow) 1...
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