Lecture 6- photosynthesis 2

1 when photosystem ii absorbs light an excited

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Unformatted text preview: n photosystem II absorbs light, an excited electron is captured by the primary electron acceptor, leaving the reaction center oxidized. 2. An enzyme extracts electrons from water and supplies them to the oxidized reaction center. – This reaction splits water into two hydrogen ions and an oxygen atom which combines with another to form O2. - by product of light reactions are ADP and NADP+ which are used to drive the dark reactions Fig. 7.2 7 Fig 7.12 - take water molecules apart - this releases 2 electrons (one electron per hydrogen) - use these electrons to replace electron that has been moved up to higher energy level 3. Photoexcited electrons pass along an electron transport chain before ending up at an oxidized photosystem I reaction center. 4. As these electrons pass along the transport chain, their energy is harnessed to produce ATP. 8 - light hits PII and the electron is excited and is grabbed by electron acceptor - electron is handed off, carrier to carrier, until it can serve the job of replacing the electron in photosystem i - it is embedded in the membrane - PQ is only mobile part See Fig. 7.12 5. At t...
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