Lecture 6- photosynthesis 2

712 5 at the bottom of this electron transport chain

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Unformatted text preview: he bottom of this electron transport chain, the electrons fill an electron “hole” in an oxidized P700 center. 6. This hole is created when photons excite electrons on the photosystem I complex. – The excited electrons are captured by a second primary electron acceptor which transmits them to a second electron transport chain. – Ultimately, these electrons are passed from the transport chain to NADP+, creating NADPH. • NADPH will carry the reducing power of these highenergy electrons to the Calvin cycle. Similar to 7.12 - pumps protons into the lumen of the thylakoid membrane - one part: get high energy electron to NADPH - 2nd: generate ATP by building up pool of electrons 9 Photosynthetic Electron Transport - ATP synthase complex is within thylakoid membrane - electron transport (>ig 7.11 page 147): - 3 major protein complexes of the electron transport chain: photosystem II, cytochrome complex and photosystem I - electron >low between photosystem II and cytochrome complex is facilitated by a pool of molecules of plastoquinone - electron >low from the cytochrome co...
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