Lecture 6- photosynthesis 2

A photosystem acts like a light gathering antenna

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Unformatted text preview: ight-gathering “antenna complex” - few hundred chlorophyll a, chlorophyll b, and carotenoid molecules. - lots of accessory chlorophyll and pigments - if photon of light hits chlorophyl molecule, can pick electron up to a higher level - those pigments to not transmit energy (transfer of electron), more of a vibrational energy - primary electron acceptor: this molecule grabs the electrons when it's raised up to a higher level Fig. 7.9 - tb: absorbed light is converted to chemical energy when an excited electron from the chlorophyll a is transferred to a primary acceptor (also in the reaction centre) - high energy electrons are passed out of the photosystem to the electron transport system - arrows show the path of energy flow 5 - TEM micrograph of a thylakoid - every dot is a photosystem (antenna complex) - structure wants to collect most light possible 22-Jan-13 Gardiner 16 • antenna molecule absorbs a photon, it is transmitted from molecule to molecule until it reaches a particular chlorophyll a molecule, the reaction center. • At the reaction cente...
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