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Lecture 6- photosynthesis 2

At the reaction center is a primary electron acceptor

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Unformatted text preview: r is a primary electron acceptor which removes an excited electron from the reaction center chlorophyll a. - – This starts the light reactions. • Each photosystem - reaction-center chlorophyll and primary electron acceptor surrounded by an antenna complex - functions in the chloroplast as a light-harvesting unit. - electron acceptor grabs high energy electron and moves it to electron transport chain 6 • Photosystem I has a reaction center chlorophyll, the P700 center, that has an absorption peak at 700nm. • Photosystem II has a reaction center with a peak at 680nm. – The differences between these reaction centers (and their absorption spectra) lie not in the chlorophyll molecules, but in the proteins associated with each reaction center. • These two photosystems work together to use light energy to generate ATP and NADPH. - non cyclic pathway is predominant one • light reactions, there are two possible routes for electron flow: cyclic and noncyclic. • Noncyclic electron flow, the predominant route, produces both ATP and NADPH. 1. Whe...
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