Lecture 6- photosynthesis 2

Of proteins that bind special chlorophyll a molecules

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Unformatted text preview: hyll a molecules as well as primary electron acceptor - photosystems trap photons of light and use the energy to oxidize a reaction centre chlorophyll, with the electron being transferred to the primary electron acceptor 4 Light Harvesting Complex – 300 Chlorophyll a (1 reaction centre chl a) and other accessory pigments (chls, carots, etc..) 1202B • Content varies according to specific organisms BIOLOGY • Antenna Pigments • Reaction Centre Pigments - 2 different photosystems: photosystem I (PSI) and photosystem II (PSII) - specialized chlorophyll a in the reaction centre of photosystem I is called P700 (because its absorption maximum is at a wavelength of 700nm - the reaction centre of photosystem II contains a specialized chlorophyll a P680 (absorb light maximally at 680 nm) – Chlorophyll a P700 and P680 22-Jan-13 Gardiner 13 • In the thylakoid membrane, chlorophyll is organized along with proteins and smaller organic molecules into photosystems. • A photosystem acts like a l...
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