You know how to do it linear 1st order integrabng

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Unformatted text preview: Numerical methods –  Chapra Applied Numerical Methods with Matlab –  Many btles on Matlab work Basic classificabons •  Order of an ODE •  Linear vs nonlinear •  ODE and PDE •  Basics of numerical analysis (Thursday) –  Algorithms, errors, classificabon –  Numerical methods for ODEs –  Euler’s method –  Higher- order methods, including Runge- KuLa 1 14- 01- 07 Basics for 1st- order problems •  Separabon of variables (linear and nonlinear 1st order). –  You know how to do it! •  Linear 1st order –  Integrabng factor method –  Wribng linear ODE as linear o...
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