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Correlational studies a relationship between 2

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Unformatted text preview: wledge is gained through thought, we are born with knowledge and uncover it ü༏ Current Ways of Knowing 1. Descriptive Studies a. Qualitative, describes variables, CANNOT DETERMINE CAUSATION 2. Correlational Studies a. Relationship between 2 varible, ex: questionnaire, CANNOT DETERMINE CAUSATION, *meaningless correlation 3. Experimental Studies a. Manipulate 1 varibale & observe effect is has on the other, CAN SHOW CAUSATION b. Population: group of individuals w/ same interest c. Sample: taken from population, smaller group for experiment ü༏ Independent Variable à༎ variable MANIPULATED by researcher o Ex: memory improvement program ü༏ Dependent Variable à༎ variable being MEASURED that SHOWS OUTCOME...
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