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Mean median mode most common distribution plot

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Unformatted text preview: ure (weight) ü༏ Hypothesisà༎ usually form a theory, model or observations o **must test in OBJECTIVE matter o Null Hypothesis (not hypoth) o Hypothesis o Alternative Hypothesis (opposite of hypoth) ü༏ Penderson “Evolved Sex Differences in the Number of Partners Desired?” Buss & Schmidt Psychological Review o Buss & Schmidt: o Background: parental investment o Hypothesis: Men will desire more partners after they reach sexual maturity o Method: questionnaire o IV: gender o DV: sex partners o Result: mean # of sex desired partners over 30 years à༎ M=16 F=4 o Pederson: men & women same ü༏ In normal dist. Mean = Median = Mode (most common distribution plot) ü༏ Negative skew ex: aging population...
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