Mean is the sum of each of the scores divided by the

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Unformatted text preview: ü༏ ü༏ ü༏ ü༏ ü༏ ü༏ ü༏ ü༏ ü༏ ü༏ ü༏ ü༏ ü༏ Positive skew ex: income ^^^^ natural boundaries There are statistical tests that do not assume normality Mean = sum of all raw scores/ # of observations (average) Median = middle number o The median provides a better measure of location than the mean Mode = most common value Range = difference between highest to lowest value Variability à༎ differences Variance = sum of squares Standard dev = square root of var Bimodal distribution à༎ mean differs from median & both differ from mode T- test: compare 2 groups to each other 3 ways to process info o 1) structural (shallow) o 2)...
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