Hint use greens theorem b c is a circle oriented

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Unformatted text preview: region. (Hint : Use Green’s Theorem). (b) C is a circle, oriented anticlockwise, centred at the origin with radius ε > 0. (Hint : Green’s Theorem doesn’t apply here (why?). Just evaluate this by parametrizing C and do what we did last week) (c) C is a simple closed piecewise smooth curve, oriented anticlockwise, containing the origin in its inside region. (Hint : Find some creative way of applying Green’s Theorem.) 3 Does the vector field S j− i 2+ 2 have a potential? (a) The vector field is clearly irrotational (i.e. Q − P = 0) away from the origin and hence the answer to (a) is 0 by Green’s Theorem. (b) Green’s theorem doesn’t apply here, since the vector field is undefined at a...
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